What Sex Positions Are Best for Men Who Have Back Pain?

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Well, like every patient that comes in, we want to really evaluate at the physical therapist, and look at those specific back problem. Usually what we find, is people either tend to have more relief with bending over, flexion like knees to chest or extension. If I had it generalized, what we talked about, previously on the Dr. Oz show was about men needing more flexion off them because they're very stiff if in the lower back where they have spinal stenosis .

So, we would tend to put them in positions where they're more flexed, with their knees bent up, and supported in that position. If a man has a back pain, if he suffers with back pain, sometimes the best position for him is to be on his back, having a pillow supporting his lower back, keeping that curvature supported, or he can be, let's say that's more for somebody who wants to be in extended position or neutral position, also if he is in kneeling, that is more of a flex position that can help his back.