What is the Benefit of Foam Rolling?

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While Foam Rolling is a great way and not only lets the tissues and the muscles get movement and oxygen flowing into them, but it also allows to mobilize your spine. So where your spine gets very stiff especially for those of us who are all over our computers on, our phones, it will help to open up your posture and allow you to sit up straight without so much effort. The best way to do the the foam rolling is just get down on the floor on a mat, put the foam roller across your back so it's perpendicular to your spine.

Lie down on it across your rib cage and then just lift up finger knees lift up your botox and then just roll your back back and fourth on there almost like you are acting like you on a rolling pin for your spine, this is going to relax those muscles and so it's going to mobilize your back, that your midback that will help your lower back to relax and help you be able to sit up with better posture with less