What Could Happen If I Let Acute Back Pain Go Untreated?

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Acute back pain is so important to treat properly. It's one of the motivations I had in making this program, a patient recovery kit, because if you don't treat the problem properly, then you end up with chronic back pain and that back pain can then progress and create nerve problems in the legs, further weakness, trouble with walking.

It's one of this things that start to generate changes accelerating in the spine. Most people will have back pain that occurs for no apparent reason. They are not really sure what brought it on, but it should resolve within 72 hours. If it's not resolving within 72 hours, you need to get proactive and start doing something to get relief and get an expert like a musculoskeletal expert, like a physical therapist or an orthopedist to take a look and prescribe what you just start to.