What Are Some Holistic Treatments for Knee Pain?

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Well, somebody has like an acute injury to their knee and they have bruising, let's say they fell down on their knee. There's a couple of things we do. There's arnica cream is something that I incorporate a lot more. I find that jusst help to get the capillaries to heal, there's a lot of research that talks about that, shrinking the swelling down there again, because we want to manage that, swelling as soon as possible, and the other thing is like sometimes a bio freeze, or like a tiger balm, whatever helps just like, let's take away block some of those entry of the hypersensitivity of a tissue of which has been hurt.

Those things will help in the cycle of pain weakness dysfunction, it doesn't cure it, but it defiantly part of one of the modalities we'll use. I think, it's really, really important for the knees. What we see is, that inflammation is what we want to control. So I would ice, 10-15 minutes every day, put a little towel roll or a little pillow underneath your knee, so the knee's a little bit bent with the ice on that and that would be great for 10-15 minutes.