How Is Knee Arthritis Treated?

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Well, the end stage of knee arthritis is typically treated with joint replacements and we do see people post joint replacements to get them back mobility and thank goodness they have those options, but what we're really trying to do is prevent that, and again to treat arthritis you have to manage the symptoms and inflammation and I like to do it locally, with [xx] versus all the systemic drugs so that we use those for short-term periods if we have to, to assist the process, but again you need to get to someone who can tell you exactly where and where the problem is, and where it's coming from.

And you need to stretch and strengthen everyday to keep your mobility up, you just see it and it usually starts with these [xx] symptoms going up and down steps and then you can't run. You need to address it and fix that problem so that you can keep your mobility for a lifetime.