How Can Stretching Help If I Have Back Pain?

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Stretching can help because if tissues are restricted then the vertebral can't move normally, when you have pain it's the only way your body tells you something is wrong. Usually you have to do some kind of movement, stretching helps because it makes you more subtle, more resilient. When you look at the muscular scale assessment and you look at the muscles in particular, they do two things, they generate power or they absorb the impact.

So when you look at the low back, the reason it's so highly vulnerable is because whether you're using your upper body or your lower body, you're going through the center of gravity which is at your lower back. And actually study show that people that have centrally desk jobs have more back problems than people that do heavy labor, and some of that is because you're just sitting in one position for long periods, this is where intermittent quick stretches are great.

I like to treat like stretching, like lots a little bits. I have a lot of people come to me, and love Yoga, and do a lot of Yoga, and they're usually the people that are flexible that love Yoga. Is not with the people that are stiff, for the people doing the weight training, and I'd like to switch it around.

Let's say you're an inherently flexible, do more stabilization training, if you're inherently stiff, you should take the Yoga class even if you feel like you're failing at it. So it's always a balance between being supple and being strong and if you can find that, each body is different and that's really determined by the weight when you're born and how your system evolves.