How Can I Help Prevent Knee Pain?

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Well what are the things as physical therapists we evaluate thousands and thousands of patients and we were finding that there was these common factors of tightness and weakness and we address this and it helps with the alignment, it decreases the inflammation which we use a lot of icing, we get the patients to use ice we use different modalities to help get the mobility back to the knee cap and to the two bones, but you want to strengthen that gludious medias, the clams exercise is a great exercise, I talk about it in my instant releif book, and the other one is the foam roller to mobilize that really tight tendon along the outside of the thigh.

If you don't have a foam roller we even sometimes get a rolling pin out of the kitchen and get people just to massage that area and it would be very tender if it's tight and its functional. And the other thing that we loved is ice just frozen piece corn carnals put them inside a pillow case you don't get frost on your skin, 10 to 15 minutes every night, just get into the habit, because if you can cut down an inflammation, you can prevent a lot of your arthritic changes that are going to happen because if the joint is swollen it actually makes the knee weaker and that's that buckling feeling people feel when they are going down steps.

We know that one cubic centimeter of inflammation creates 1% deactivation of the muscles, which means the muscles get that much weaker. So if you just have a little bit of swelling which is usually about 10 centimeters of swelling, that shuts down the muscle by 10% already. So again, ice ice ice 10 to 15 minutes get into a habit of doing it every day after activity if you've been walking out, cycling, gardening doing something, cleaning the house like you just something that's out of your ordinary and you're starting to feel when you get cranky immediately you dress that it's very helpful getting rid of symptoms and helping the body to restore its mobility.