How Can I Avoid Back Pain During Sex?

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Avoiding back pain during sex is, first of all you need to get evaluated and find out how do you relieve your pain when you're not having sex. Getting on your belly doing press ups does that relieve your pain or lying on your back pulling one knee to your chest, two knees to your chest. Doing routines like more stretching in that direction, again everybody's different, and that they need to be individually evaluated and diagnosed by a physical therapist that can tell you, how do you restore that function?

And then when you're looking at the sex, part like, how do I keep my spine supported? Again with the pillows under the low back is great, just just like as if you were sitting in a chair you'd put a pillow on your lower back that feels better. Kind of explore that, honey let me get a pillow under my back, or why don't you try this, because that feels better on my back.

Again you want this to be a very intimate and trusted position to have this sensuality and not be distracted by pain or be bracing yourself because you're worried about back pain, because again that affects not just you but your partner.