Why Would I Need An Episiotomy?

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The perineum is the area of tissue between the end of the vagina and the rectum. It's usually very dense and thick. because it's supported by all the pelvic floor muscles. During the labor processes the baby comes down and the head presses on this area, it begins to stretch and thin to allow the baby to safely pass out.

Some people think that an episiotomy should be done, if it looks like mum is going to tear. Other people believe that leave that resistance there, leave it alone and it's easier to repair and maybe not even necessary. One time that an episiotomy always be done, is it you have to enhance the speed of the birth process.

If baby is having trouble and if it's going to take a little bit longer to speed things out, and episiotomy may be done to get that baby out a lot quicker. If you pick a good provider and you discussed your concerns about episiotomy with them, they will tell you that they rarely do them unless medically necessary.

Some practitioners believe that massaging the perineum as the baby is emerging during the birth process will actually help to thin the area out and help avoid the need for an episiotomy. This should not be done by mom during the pregnancy and this is not done in early labor. This is just to enhance the birth process.

Other providers may believe that this is not necessary and they believe in the hands-off approach.