Why Do Some Women Experience Back Pain During Labor?

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Many women nowadays are having back labor as supposed to front labor, and that means they feel the contractions in the back instead of in the front. This has to do with the way that the baby is positioned, if your baby is facing the floor and looking down you're going to have front labor, but if your maybe his spacing the ceiling and looking up, you are going to feel your contractions and your pain here in the back.

When you have that labor it is longer and its more difficult to deal with, because the pain from the weight of the baby's head on your tail bone may actually stay there through the course of the labor even when you're not having the contraction. Position changes help as those counter pressure.

Some of us use a rolling pin, enroll this area to help push the baby's back of its head away from your tail bone or spine where it's hurting. This particular rolling pin can have ice water or warm water in it. Ice can make the baby run away from the tail bone and actually turn into the position we prefer it to be in labor.

He can just make mom feel good. Hydrotherapy, massage and many other techniques are useful and helping mom deal with the back labor, your childbirth educator may discuss them in your class, your doula may implement some of these during your birth process or there are handouts you can get from your health care provider that can show you lots of tips that you can use for your labor process.

Another technique that many women find helpful during the pregnancy from back pain of the baby's position or during the labor process for the same reason is the hip squeeze, this technique requires your coach doula provider to squeeze in and up, and this changes the alignment of the pelvis and instantly release some of the pressure and most pregnant women absolutely love the hip squeeze.