What Should I Bring to the Hospital When I Give Birth?

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What to bring to the hospital is a frequent question asked of all of us and really your packing like you're going on a very very long trip. You pack about four bags to come to the hospital. The first one is for dad or your coach, they're going to need change for vending machines or money to eat, they're going to need things like socks and change of clothes camera all the things that they need to make their hospital stay more comfortable.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, anything that you think that your partner may want during your stay. For mom, you need two different bags, one is just going to be your labor support bag, it's going to have things like your nursing bra, in it something that helps to keep your breast more comfortable during labor.

It may have things like a rolling pin for back pain, a birth ball if your place of delivery doesn't carry one there for you. A music and music player that you're going to use during your birth process, some massage oils or lotions that you may use for aromatherapy. Chopstick, sour candy, breath mints, any of those things that maybe they've discussed in your childbirth education class that are going to be used to help you get through your labor.Then you need a bag for the baby, that's the clothes that the baby is going to wear home from the hospital, maybe your baby birth book that you want to put the footprints in, all those little things for the baby, and the baby's car seat.

Lastly, you need a bag for mom's comfortable stay at the hospital. She's going to need her nightgowns, her pillows, her nursing bras all of her hygiene products, and things that she needs to make her stay comfortable. But the most important thing not to forget, is your support person in your camera.

You're going to want to record all of these wonderful beautiful events, and anything else someone can bring later if you happen to forget something. Have a great birth.