What Mantras Are Helpful for a Mom-To-Be in Labor?

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When you're choosing a mantra if you're the labor coach or the support person with mom in labor it's important to remember to use words of praise. Make sure there's no negative impact in the words that you choose to say you might use things like you're doing a great job, you're doing awesome I'm so proud of you I really love you, can you picture the cervix opening up? Can you visualize the baby coming down lower into the pelvis? Can you picture getting closer and closer to your baby's birth? Use things that help remind mom that it is a long process, but you're proud of what she's doing don't say like how much longer is this going to be, or I'm really getting hungry focus on those words of praise and encouragement, and let her know she's doing doing a great job.

Whatever words you choose that show that you care will be great for mom in this process.