What Is the Centering Pregnancy Model?

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Centering pregnancy model is a new delivery of health care developed for pregnant women to be done in a group setting and not individual. How many times have you gone to your OB/GYN or midwife's office and had that 10 maybe if you're lucky 20 or 30 minute visit. You've had a million questions, you've forgot them before you've even got there or you've got that question, you've got to a burning desire to ask but you're too embarrassed.

Like when you've sex with your partner, when should you? When shouldn't you? And how is that going to affect you and your baby. In the pregnancy centering model, women come together as a group visit, they take responsibility for learning how to check their urine, their blood pressure, do their own weights and take there responsibility for their weight gain, and is facilitated usually by a midwife like myself and another midwife it uses two providers in that model to give you a whole group class of exercise, tips, nutrition tips, answering all your questions about the pregnancy when you can spend one to two hours in a session with ten people instead of five or ten minutes for an individual appointment.