What Is a Rebozo?

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A Rebozo is a Hispanic scarf used mostly by the Mexicans and other Hispanic cultures to carry their food to market, to carry toddlers around or infants around, and they found that it really helped in positioning women in labor, especially when you're trying to get that baby to change its position if you're having back labor and needing that baby to rotate.

There are many positions for the Rebozo, I'm going to show you one of them where my client is having excruciating back pain and I'm just going to let her fall and let her muscles go, let her spine go and I'm actually using this scarf to help the baby realign in position. I'm hoping that this baby will turn from backwards to forwards so that I can have that stubborn OP baby turn right away round.

The Rebozo can be used to cover mom's eyes, it can be used for relaxation, it can be used for tug of war in pushing, it has many uses ask your childbirth educator how you might want to incorporate a Rebozo in your birth plan. One of the other positions that the Rebozo is most helpful for is putting mom in the front, bringing the scarf around underneath the belly and helping to lift the baby up so it can re-enter and re-engage in the pelvis and going the right direction, this also helps with her labor contractions and it's great for helping to reposition the baby.