What Is a Birth Ball?

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Birth balls were first used by physical therapist as known way to help increase your score strength and muscles and especially in your lower back in your pelvic area, they migrated to actually helping with pregnancy and birth. If you purchase a birth ball it could be used during the pregnancy to help get you in a squatting position.

Many women in America aren't used to squatting and their legs are not going to support the increasing weight of the baby. But in this position you can actually get into a squat and get these muscles ready for labor and birth. During the birth process the birth ball is used to help mom bring the baby lower in to the pelvis and to help her cope with pain.

She can bounce on the ball, she can rock and sway on the ball and she can use the ball in various positions hands, knees, in the the bed if she must be monitored, many different ways that she can use the ball to help her cope with labor. Many birthing rooms and birth centers keep a birth ball there just for that reason.

If you're going to go out and buy a birth ball and use it during the pregnancy, please remember important safety tips, do not use the birth ball when you're home alone, make sure you have a partner there to help you get off and on the ball, to stabilize you so you don't actually fall.

Make sure that you put some kind of sock with groupies on it or a tennis shoe or shoe so that your feet don't go out from underneath of you when you are rocking on the ball. Birth ball safety is important, but this is a great asset that you can use to help you with your pregnancy and your birth.

Have a happy baby.