What Are the Most Common Discomforts of Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy discomforts take up a large part of every provider's pre-natal care visit. During the first visit and subsequent first-trimester visits, we hear a lot about pregnancy headache, nausea, vomiting, inability to deal with smells, pregnancy headache, sleeping sickness, I'm tired.

I can't get up, I want to sleep all the time and those 10 million trips to the bathrooms to pee. As our women enter the second trimester, we get hit up with a whole different bunch of discomforts, the sickness is usually resolved, sleeping sickness is usually better, nausea and vomiting has gone away, but now comes the constipation from the iron, sometimes indigestion and really crazy dreams and nightmares.

It's not unusual for you to relive live your fear of what's going to happen during your birth process in your dreams. As you move on to the third trimester, we all hear constantly I want to have this baby now even though you may only be 36 weeks pregnant and another four weeks to go.

We call this TOP disease, tired of pregnancy. You're up again to the bathroom all night long complaining of pelvic pressure, complaining of back ache, leg cramps, heart burn, indigestion and swelling of your feet. You just are too tired and you want it over with, but we all know we have to keep that baby in not rush that baby out so we can healthy mom and baby during her delivery process.