What Are the Benefits of Aromatherapy During Childbirth?

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Aromatherapy is used during the pregnancy to promote relaxation and relieve stress off mom, but this even carries into the labor process. I have noticed that all I have to do is put a gentle smell in the room and the coaches calm down, the family calms down the nursing staff calm down and so does the patient.

There are specific smells that enhance the relaxation process then that caries over to massage using those aromas in massaging mum can actually help with pain relieve, increase the uterine muscle tone so many of us who use massage and aromatherapy in labor have quite a bag of creams and oils and special blends that we use knowing that rose for example actually helps to increase the utering tone sage actually helps increase mom's clarity and decreases her tension, lavender is great for relaxation and really helps with pain.

So if you choose a provider who knows about aromatherapy, ask which blend of massage creams or oils would be best for you and your labor.