Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

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Misconceptions about sex during pregnancy comes up often during my offices visits and I've been entertained a lot by patients over the years. One of the common misconceptions that dads have is that they're going to hurt the baby, don't flatter yourselves guys really, the penis is not going to touch the baby's head and no the baby won't be able to bite you.

Sex is actually good for mom during pregnancy, it makes her feel loved and appreciated, it really helps to enhance your communication in your relationship. There's a couple of things you might want to remember if the doctor or midwife has told you that you're risk for free term labor have placenta there are any other medical condition that means you couldn't have sex, this is different.

But if you have a normal healthy pregnancy, sex is a great idea. You may have to get a little more creative with your positioning, sometimes moms feel better on top while laying on her side because she can shift the weight of the baby to a position that makes her feel the most comfortable.

If you get creative, it's a great time to do a little bit of spooning.