How Is Stress Dangerous During Pregnancy?

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A certain amount of stress is normal during all pregnancies because your body goes through a lot of physiological changes. The chronic stress therapy entire pregnancy can lead to serious problem like [xx] growth retardation where the baby doesn't get as much to eat, high blood pressure and cardiovascular effects for the mom.

We've long known that chronic stress is not a good healthy thing for mums and babies. Things that you might to help increase your relaxation techniques is a great way to minimize your stress. Have a fun day, go out with a friend, surround yourself during the pregnancy with other pregnant mums and support systems.

Take a child for a class, learn how to take that long soak in the tub, how to get your partner to give you a great aroma therapy massage using some lavender to help relax your body and release the tension. Learn massage techniques that can be done, that really get rid of that headache and that tired neck and muscle feeling in the lower part of you back at the end the day.

Stress is never good unless it's temporary. So if you're under chronic stress, have financial concerns, things going on at home that you can't share, make sure you discuss it with your provider so that you can come up with a plan to have a healthy mum and a healthy baby.