How Can I Get Through Labor More Easily?

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The first one is going to be don't spend your labor lying in bed, get up, move around, use gravity. Gravity really helps enhancing speed up the labor process. Don't go to the hospital or the birthing center too soon, labor is going to be a long haul. Talk to your provider in the beginning of labor that you're not ready to go until they tell you you're ready to go.

Because labor is a long process you need to do things like keeping your bladder empty, staying very well hydrated. You can have your partner help coach and talk to you through the contractions. Use all of your senses to keep you distracted, use your eyes, your ears, your hearing your touch senses, that can be done by using little techniques like massage aroma therapy, music, there are a lot of ways to get you through the labor process, but remember its a long horse so you going to need a lot tricks up your sleeve.