Are There Any Foods That Can Help My Wound to Heal?

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Did you know that there are lots of foods that help your wounds to heal, things like canny and cabbage have been used for centuries, I personally like cabbage they're in fridge ready to get out anytime I need the, they're cool, they feel nice and warm to the skin, and they actually help promote drainage when you have a wound so you put the cabbage leaf gently on your arm, leg wherever the wound might be, wrap with some gauze and it will really help it to heal a lot quicker and be a lot less painful.

Cabbage is a wonderful thing to keep around for medicinal purposes. When you drink cabbage juice, you actually help promote healing of ulcers and for you women who are having babies, sore cracked nipples from breastfeeding or a sore bottom from the birth experience, whole cabbage leaves does a world of good.