What Are Ways to Reduce Nausea During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy especially in the first trimester is a time that many women experience a lot of nausea because of the increased hormone levels that they're expecting. There are some simple tips that you can use to help control your nausea. Ginger gum, ginger beer, ginger ale, sour candy, kreggy pops vitamin B6 just to name a few, some other suggestions that I have if you're experiencing a lot of nausea is to take your pre-natal vitamins at bed time, so that they are doing most of their duty while you're asleep and not upsetting your stomach first thing in the morning.

Keep some crackers, maybe something salty, crackles at the bedside, and make sure that you're eating every two to three hours and never let your blood sugar drop too low, when your blood sugar drops, that can often precipitate you having a bout of nausea. Keeping some sour candy with you, some ginger candy with you, anything eating or drinking that has ginger or peppermint in it may help.

And also you might want to invest in getting a bracelet called the Sea-Band that's S-E-A-B-A-N-D sold at most pharmaceuticals Walgreen, Walmart, doesn't matter where it would be over the counter. It applies acute pressure to your wrist, and that goes to the pressure point that helps control nausea.

It works for motion sickness and pregnancy sickness as well.