What is Dr. Oz’s 11 Weeks To Move It And Lose It In 2011?

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Whole new year and we are jump starting 2011 with our biggest diet plan ever. We are teaming up with Nike to bring you our first customized interactive diet and fitness plan. 11 weeks to move it and lose it in 2011. You'll get every tool you need, it's all online and it's all for free.

We'll start you off with your own personalized health assessment, to start you losing, we'll give you a full tracker that logs everything you eat, and helps you make better choices, to get you moving we'll create a personal training plan tailored specifically to your needs by a Nike's team of Spark Elite Trainers.

To keep you motivated we'll help you set goals, track your weight loss, even find you a weight loss community for support, everything will be at your fingertips, we're giving you 11 weeks you're going to move it, lose it and change your life with our revolutionary program.