What Should I Know About Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids?

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What most people don't know over the counter sleep aids or sleep medications. Is that they are really antihistamines. Antihistamines are used for allergies, and one of the side effects of antihistamines is sedation. So when you're buying an over the counter sleeping medication, you're likely getting Diphenhydramine, most people maybe familiar with it or emotion sickness, and allergies.

The sleeping part of it again, is a side effect. So the problem I have with over the counter sleeping pills is there's other things that you can use, some of the natural substances for sleep that don't have side effects, that have no impact on your health otherwise they can be part of your routine, that will help you get to sleep, that won't give you the side effects that you get with antihistamines, and for some people, it is really a problem, those side effects not just the sedation as a side effects, but other things that antihistamines can do to you, it can interfere with some of your medication and it can cause you to have some other health problems, so it's not really the best choice for sleep aid, it really is what you want to be using for your allergies and if you have allergies that are keep you up at night great but not for the primary sleep reasons.