What Are the Dangers of Taking Medication That Was Not Prescribed for Me?

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Would you take your friend's antibiotics if you were sick or if your inlaws were in town they were driving you crazy would you start taking your husband's blood pressure medication? And the answer better be no for both of those and it should be no different when it comes to taking sleeping medications.

A doctor makes the decision to prescribe a particular medication based upon symptoms, gender, weight and any other medication that a person may be on. If that prescription is not for you it may interact with one of the medications that you're taking, you could have a bad reaction or could be the incorrect dosage.

The Food and Drug Administration recently made a statement in their advisory that they recommend doctors reduce the sleeping dosage for women of the sleeping medications and the reason why they started their blood levels in the morning time and they found them to be elevated.

We're not sure why women have higher levels than men do, so at this time doctors have been advised to write for lower dosages for these medications.