What Is Caffeine Powder?

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Caffeine powder is a product that is now readily available on the Internet and many different types of health food stores. That is extremely concentrated form of caffeine, and so you can buy this product and it's in powdered form and many people will use it to assist in things like giving them energy or perhaps even in weight loss, or helping to study and things like that.

There really are no warnings for these caffeine powder, that's part of the problem and part of the reason why we need to be very careful about using it. The problem is that the amount of caffeine that can be considered safe is very small compared to what we typically might use when we were to mix together a powder substance into let's just say an energy drink, so for instance if you're using a hipping tea spoon of Caffeine Powder, you might be getting way more caffeine than would be recommended and it could even be lethal, so it's very important to make sure you're using the appropriate amount of the powder if you are going to use it at all.

So want say a little bit more about exactly how concentrated this form of caffeine is. Depending on the distributor and depending on the manufacturer, you're going to see that there's different recommended doses. But typically it's going to be a very small amount maybe even as small as one 16th of a teaspoon, that's a very small amount.

Typically people will take heaping spoonful of things when they're mixing up beverages or using it in different products and that's not recommended, in that case we could be talking about an overdose occurring.