How Do I Know If I'm Addicted to Sugar?

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How do you know if you're addicted to sugar? It's a great question because many of us feel that we are compelled to overeat and feel that we're overeating sugar rich foods and so it really begs the question well, am I addicted? There's a few things that you can ask yourself. One thing is that you can actually take a little scale that's been developed called the Yale Food Addiction Scale, and this is a scale that is available online, and you can take this paper and pencil scale and just answer the questions that ask you things about how you feel about food, how you feel about sugars, and what sets the behaviors that you engage in.

And this can give you some indication of whether or not you meet the criteria and meet the threshold for having a food addiction. You could also take a look at your behaviors. If you find that you're showing signs of tolerance, meaning that you need to consume more and more cookies for instance to feel that you're getting pleasure out of it, that might be a sign of addiction.If you feel that when you try to cut out sugars and processed foods, that you feel lethargic and tired and irritable, well, this means there's actually a sign of withdrawal that's emerging.

You also need to think about your cravings. If you feel compelled to overeat certain types of foods, even when you're not hungry, just because you see queues associated with them this can also be feeding in to the addiction. So taking part of your behavior and thinking about how you feel, and think about food can really help to inform whether or not you might have an addiction like response to it.