How Can I Kick My Sugar Addiction?

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Well kicking in a sugar addiction is particularly tough. Largely because we live in a society in which we're constantly being bombarded with access to sugar rich foods, with cues associated with those foods, with social pressure to eat those foods, so for many people it can be a really really tough addiction to break but, there are a few things that you can do.

One is to know where the sugars are. Many of us are overeating way too much sugar because we don't realize that it's actually hidden in a lot of the different foods that we consume. So take a look at the labels, flip over the items that you're eating and look at the ingredients list see if it contains sugar.

Another thing is no, sugar has about 52 different names. It's not just sugar but it's also high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, and Apple concentrate all these are just terms that are used to talk about sugar, so know the names for sugar in addition to knowing whether or not they exist in your foods.

Also one thing you can do is have a plan for dealing with the cravings. Really the cravings are what sets us down this road of addiction because if we give in to a craving by overeating it stimulates the brain work system, and we find ourselves in that cycle of addition again. So have an idea, have a plan if you feel a craving coming on in response to seeing a piece of a birthday cake or being in a place where you smell the aromas of a food that you like do a distraction, a simple thing like tapping your finger, or maybe if you wear a wrist band or bracelet, playing with your bracelet, something that will buy you some time because the more time that goes past between seeing the cue, and having the craving, and wanting that food, the easier it's gonna be to say no.