How Can I Decrease the Amount of Caffeine I Consume?

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So if you're concerned about your caffeine take it's important to take stock where that caffeine is coming from. Typically is going to be in the form of coffee or soda or energy drinks. And you might want to try to slowly taper down how much you're consuming because quitting cold turkey can be somewhat difficult, and it's not actually recommended medically.

One thing you can try is if you're drinking coffee try to substitute one or two of your beverages with decaffeinated versions, you will still the same taste and flavor but you just want have that out of caffeine. So when trying to cut back on you caffeine intake, it's something there is coming to vary depending on individual, it's going to depend on the level of caffeine that you're consuming and it's also going to depend on your actual goals in terms of how much caffeine you want to reduce from your diet.

But typically it's best to spread something like this out over the course of weeks rather than days. The reason is that if you spread it out over weeks, and try over the course of a few weeks to cut back, it's going to be easier, you're not going to have the withdrawal as severe, and you are also going to have the behavioral changes more easily stick with your new schedule and your new way of consuming these types of products.