What Type of Doctor Can Help Me If I'm Considering a Gluten-Free Diet?

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So if you want to eliminate gluten from your diet, and you want to get advice from a professional, how do you find the right kind of doctor to give you that advice? Well, you should start with your primary care doctor, now they vary a lot. Some are up to speed, others need to be pushed a little bit, sooner or later they are going to refer you to a gastroentrologist who can do the specialized testing.

So you kind find those. You can ask those questions. Be brave about this. Go in there and say, do you know a lot about gluten ideas with regards to my diet? Are you an integrated gastroenterologist. You can use some key words and push a little bit to make sure you make some space for yourself.

It's you body you're protecting and again the medical field we're a little behind the times on this. If you've got those symptoms we talked about, show up in your own life. Okay thank you very much. You're welcome.