What Are the Healthy Benefits of Eating Citrus Fruits?

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Citrus fruits like oranges, or tangerines, or clementines are really, really high in vitamin C. Now, vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, that means it knocks out the free radicals that are in your blood stream. Those free radicals can enter your cells, damage the DNA, and cause cancer, so, vitamin C knocks them out, but there's a secret in this citrus fruits, it's called flavonoids.

Now, flavonoids stop cancer cells from multiplying, so, let's say they've already started, the flavonoids kind of put all of that whole process on ice, but it's not inside the orange, it's in the orange peel if you can believe that. So, you slice a little bit off, we're going to call it zest, it's on your salad, looks pretty, it`s a cancer fighter.