What Are the Healthiest Types of Mushroom?

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Mushrooms are something that we thought of as a nice addition to your salad, you can sautee them, put them on pasta. But you know what, many of them are like medication. Oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms they grow on the side of trees in nature, they are delicious on linguini but they actually contain lovastatin.

Lovastatin is a cholesterol lowering drug that is patented and marketed. But it's naturally in the oyster mushroom. They also contain beta glucan, these work together to lower your cholesterol. Let me say a word about shiitakes. You've seen them in the store. Shiitake mushrooms are delicious, and tasty, but there seems to be a cancer preventive effect to shiitakes.

Possibly the button mushrooms as well. Some people liken/g them to the medication that are sometimes help people to fight cancer. Totally natural, totally safe, very helpful. But they seem to help, not just to a heart in cholesterol but maybe is a catch/g preventive.