What Are the Healthiest Types of Mushroom?

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Mushrooms are a really amazing entities, they share this quality with humans that when exposed to light they actually produce vitamin D within them. You can actually find special mushrooms, now check on the label that has been grown in UV light. They have a lot of vitamin D, really great example is portabella mushrooms the dole brand has this especially easy grown part of portabella and only one cup or two portabella mushrooms has as an entire dealy amount of vitamins recommended what's also great about a portabella is that they are an amazing vegetarian option for dinner.

So you start to work them until diet really easily, you can grill them, you can bake them, I really like them grilled myself. Other mushrooms as well shiitake mushroom are source of vitamin D, maitake mushroom which are grown in the North East of United State as well as in Japan and you might know them by the name head of the woods mushroom, instead of maitake the same thing.

Also maitake are source of vitamin D although not as high as maitake or portabella mushroom.