How Do I Measure My Waist to Hip Ratio?

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Take an ordinary tape measure and stand up, you don't want to measure your waist when you're sitting down, but stand up and have the tape measure right against your skin. The place to put it is right below your ribs, the bottom of your ribs, you'll feel a little notch on the side there between your ribs and your hip bone.

Run the tape measure right around there, look in the mirror make sure that it's parallel to the floor, take the measurement. Then for your hips, measure your hips at the widest part. You take the ratio of the two, you just divide the waist by the hips, and for women we want it below.

.85, for men below 0.9. If you're below that, you're good. If it's better than that, or higher than that I should say, we want to be on a healthy diet to bring those numbers down.