How Are Metals Like Iron, Copper and Zinc Connected to Alzheimer's Disease?

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When we look into the brain of a person who has died from Alzheimer's disease, we see what look like little meatballs or balls of yarn, they're called Amyloid plaques, and they destroy the brain cells. But here's the key, they have traces of iron, copper, zinc and aluminium inside them, and these seem to be causing this damage.

Where do we get these metals? Well, we get them from food, copper or lobster and shrimp, they have these metals in them. We get them from cookware like a cast iron pan, for example. We can even get them from multiple vitamins, surprisingly enough many of them have added iron or added copper.

The problem is, they cause the production of free radicals, you've heard about them, these free radicals are like sparks that destroy the brain cells. That's how metals damage the brain.