Can High Cholesterol Be Prevented?

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I would say, that somewhere around 90% of cases of high cholesterol could be prevented. By preventing means doing something very different from most of us are doing. I grew up [xx] North Dakota and every day was roast beef, baked potatoes and corn except for special occasions when it was roast beef, baked potatoes and peas, all of that roast beef and pork chops and bacon and so forth have cholesterol.

They have the bad fat the saturated fat, those cause our liver to make extra cholesterol. If we don't do that, if we eat rice, beans, vegetables and fruits, plant foods, 90% of us would never have a high cholesterol. What of the other 10%? They have genes that cause their body to make extra cholesterol, pretty much regardless of what they're eating.

They should still follow a healthy diet, but that's the group where you have a more serious discussion about medication.