Are There Foods I Can Eat to Help Prevent Alzheimer's?

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There are four food groups that are key to providing Alzheimer's and they are also key to help overall, first of all fruits now you can think of bananas and oranges, but you can be a little bit adventurous and why not have a Kiwi or a tomatillo when you going into the produce department have some fun see what fruits are there.

They don't have saturated fat and they have only little traces of the metals, the traces that your brain needs. Secondly vegetables, whether it's broccoli or something more adventurous like Swiss chard the vegetables are also important. Third, the bean group, the legume groups, beans, peas, lentils and fourth, whole grains.

What they all have in common is that they don't have bad fats. They don't have the saturated fats that's linked to Alzheimer's disease and they don't have the overdose of iron and copper and zinc, they give you what you need without the access, those are my four healthy food groups.