Are Gluten-Free Foods Worth Buying?

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You can have it. If you want to and still be gluten free and not be torturing your intestinal system, creating these little wildfires and you've got to put out all the time. Now, let's talk about gluten free products. I started this program talking about the $6 billion we've spent on these, I see them everywhere.

I have major concerns about these, but you're the world expert, and so you should teach us. Well, it's a huge market out there, and marketing is unfortunately a big part of it, now they're convenient, but many of them have more sugar added, they got calories than you need, some of them have the fiber removed, you don't necessarily need to go that route.

Can I speak freely on this theme, my personal opinion, getting G free, gluten free foods is a bad idea if you have a gluten friendly gut, because you don't need to go there, you don't need to pay a price, and that's often what you're doing to get that trade off. It's a mediocre idea I think actually times if you're gluten sensitive, because you have better ways of getting those dietary needs that you have into your daily resume.