What Foods Should I Eat to Help Balance My Hormones?

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What you eat? When you eat? How much you eat? All of these things impact your hormones. You have to think the sources of your calories, not just consuming calories alone. What are the best rules to follow, is to have protein in every single meal that will stabilize your fat leading hormones, prevent cravings.

Add in healthy carbohydrates those that are lowest in sugar and highest in fiber, and make sure every meal has a bit of healthy fat, like a egg yolk, or olive oil or avocado, or a couple of macadamia nuts. These stabilize your hormones, make you feel full, make you feel satisfied, they improve your brain, improve your mood, these sets of things will optimize fat burning hormones, you can also add super foods like curry or olive oil, whey protein, it's like a functional food, if you choose a snack in the afternoon that has whey protein like a smoothie or a protein bar, you'll eat less in the following meal, so try and eat four times a day and make sure all your meals and snacks contain protein.