What Can I Do to Lower My Cortisol Level?

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When you fight to lower your cortisol, you should think about sensory bliss. Anything that you think of that is pleasurable, will help to lower cortisol any thing you take in through your five senses will help to lower cortisol, you also want to think about eating enough and eating often enough if you skip meals.

If you cut your calories, if you over exercise all of these things will raise your Cortisol, so focus on doing less exercise definitely less than 40 minutes because after that most people will start to have high levels of Cortisol. When it comes to focusing on restoring Cortisol you have to think about not over exercising, keeping it shorter than 40 minutes, and make sure you're eating on a routine, so eating the right foods at the right times in the right combinations.

Definitely do not restrict your calories or skip meals. This will increase cortisol and make your belly fat worse.