What Are the Health Risks of Yo-Yo Dieting?

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We all know that yo-yo dieting increases the risk on your metabolism and your energy, but what you might not know is that it damages your arteries and it can actually cause high cholesterol. We see an increase of LDL, the harmful cholesterol in people who have yo-yo dieted, especially more than five times in their lifetime, and this can increase your risk of heart disease.

You can help repair the damage from yo-yo dieting by doing three things. One, focus on increasing protein. It restores your metabolism, it prevents cravings, it increases your energy. Number two, focus on doing strength training. The more muscle you have the better your metabolic rate, and number three, focus on helping your liver.

Your liver is your major fat burning organ and the more you support it with healthy herbs or vitamins and minerals, you're going to burn fat better and repair your metabolism.