What and When Should I Eat to Get My Hormones In Balance to Lose Weight?

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Today I am joining you how to reset your secret fat loss hormones. I have come up with a plan you could start today. So you can melt that fast. Doctor joining us what is the most important key if folks want to start resetting their hormones. I think you have to think about what you eat, when you eat and which combinations but the timing is so essential for our meals.

Many people have no idea how, what you eat and when you eat it impact you hormones. If you eat too long or if you skip meals, it increases the stress on your body, and it drops your metabolism, which is not what you want. It drops your thyroid hormone. So, what's the best time to eat your meals? You always want to eat within an hour of rising and eat every 3 to 4 hours.

Many people are very familiar with the rule to eat every 3 to 4 hours, that's when our blood sugar naturally deep down, we feel hungry, you want to eat again. But many people don't realize you should eat at the same time every day. I layout my meal plans with time because I know when you follow those times, you will have lower insulin.

An insulin is always telling your body to store energy as fat. So if you eat at the same time lower insulin less craving less belly fat. And is there a truth to the rule that you should not eat close to bed time? There is absolutely, unfortunately a truth to this rule. When we eat too close to bed time, it raises your body temperature.

and when we go to sleep, we should be cooling down. if you don't cool down before you go to bed and in during sleeping, you won't get the release of the hormones that actually help you burn fat while you're sleeping. The next secret we are going to talk about to burn that fat fast is protein.

Let me show you why protein it so important to your body. When you put protein in your mouth, as it goes into your belly it does something very critical besides make you fell full. It goes down there and it actually stimulates the lining of the small intestines and that lining of small intestines is all kinds of cells lying along.

Its like protein is rushing through there and these cells begin to send out signals. They send the protein, as it's digested, these hormones are secreted into the body. Where do they go? Well they turn on a nerve, a big nerve. It surrounds all the intestines and goes up to the wandering nerve, the vegester[sp?], up to the brain and it tells your brain that you're full and that you're satisfied.

So guess what you do? You stop eating, you stop feeding. That's why protein is so important as parts of these meals that Dr. Turner is speaking to. So what are we talking about. Exactly how much protein should we be eating during the day? This is a mistake that a lot of folks wander down.

So, give us a Quick answer to that, let's get some examples how they can get that protein. We should be getting 35% of our calories everyday from protein. So that means, every single meal, you should look at your plate and say, do I have protein here. Because if you do, it will stabilize your hormones, less cravings, better metabolism, the whole day long.

And what kinds of proteins are most effective to burn that fat fast. The best sources of protein are those that are lowest in fat. They're anti inflammatory. So, they still trigger the hormones from the belly that travels here to your brain and say I've eaten enough and I have a great example here.

Eggs are a super food. I have them for breakfast every single day. If you have eggs for breakfast, you'll eat less the whole day long. The white is protein and the yolk is a source of healthy fat. The fats also too help you control your appetite make you feel full and satisfied. If you've two whole eggs for breakfast or you could have four eggs white and include one yolk, it will stabilize your cravings and you will feel energized the whole day.

The next thing about combining the york with the white part that's critical because this is the building blocks for the hormones in your body that related to estrogen, progesterone to keep you till you're youth full and thus getting fit.