How Can Stress Affect My Hormones?

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Stress in particular cortisol, which is your long term stress hormone, does terrible things to your metabolism and terrible things to your appetite. When first stressed out we're not craving broccoli, we're craving muffins, and pastries, and all those comfort foods. We know we eat these foods, and not only do we eat them when we're stressed, we actually eat more of them, so you have to get your stress under check if you want to control your appetite.

Your stress hormones also impact your sleep, if you have high amounts of the stress hormones, you'll fall asleep, but maybe you'll wake up at between two and four AM. And that's double win, because then, if you don't sleep well, your stress hormones are higher and then you want to crave all the comfort foods, so you have to get your stressed and your check for your sleep and you are stressing your appetite control.

The other thing that stress does to you is it suppresses your thyroid hormone, your thyroid hormone is the master of your metabolic rate, if you do things to create stress you'll drop your metabolism.