Does Whey Protein Help with Weight Loss?

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No diet for promoting hormonal balance would be complete without including the selections of proteins. But my favorite choice is whey protein isolate. It's for a number of reasons. Number one. It's the most bio available source of protein that we have. It really has a huge, huge impact on insulin and blood sugar balance, so it can control your cravings and aid fat loss.

It's a rich source of tryptophan, which is building block of serotonin, a happy hormone that's involved in food cravings, and finally it's proven to lower cortisol, which is great protecting belly fat. You should have 30 grams of whey protein isolate, not the concentrate, because the concentrate contains lactose which can upset your digestive system, and remember, for healthy hormone balance, you've got to have perfect digestion.

So have whey protein isolated breakfast in your smoothie. Another tip for your smoothies is whey protein isolate is a very delicate protein. So mix all of your solid ingredients first, blend that and then add your protein at the end.