Are Healthy Carbs Actually Bad for Some People?

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This next tip of yours [xx] is a very different bit of advice than any that I ever given on this show before and you actually make your argument that for some people healthy carbs are not a smart idea, why? Well, the thing that I've realized and I think the biggest the biggest hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain and obesity diabesity[sp] in the USA today is insulin imbalance and so that means it's no longer just although getting rid of the bad cards those that are high in sugar low in fiber, I've actually realized that in some people even the good carbs can cause the  problem, they can cause an increase in your blood sugar and increase in your insulin just like you're eating a bowl of ice cream.

So how do you know which of the carbs you can eat then? So these are healthy options, there are sweet potatoes, there are brown rice I recommend them to my patients just like you do. However, if you notice that you're following your diet but yet you have cravings, you still have weight gain, you have a belly fat, you're obsessed with food, you have water retention, it still means that you are eating the wrong carbohydrates for your metabolism.

So what I encourage you to do is to go through a process which you can take out even some of the healthy carbs and then you put them back in and pay attention to hoe you feel. If you get any of those symptoms, It means those carbs are not right for your body. So give me a list of a couple of carbohydrates that generally well received by the average person.

The starchy vegetables, so things like carrots, and beets and squash. I din't know if I chose squash instead of sweet potatoes everyday I can see four grams of net carbs, whereas the sweet potato would give me 20 grams of net carbs. Obviously it has a risk of increasing my blood sugar more.

Ezekiel, rye, quinoa, these are great options that are lower in impact carbs. They won't cause spike in your insulin if you are sensitive to carbohydrates. You know, you learn something everyday on this show and so do I. Thank you very much. Great advice. Thank you so much. You can take the full hormone quiz and see if your hormones are out of whack and get the plans to recheck your hormones and melt that fat on Dr.