Why Does Trying to Resist Something Make Us Want It More?

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Trying to resist something entirely, can actually psychologically make you want it more. We see this in binge eaters. So, when they say, I'm never going to have this food, I'm never I'm never going to have ice cream, I'm never going to have sweets ever again, that actually increases the likelihood that you will binge on that food.

And this thing is true for all of us, so instead of saying, I'm never going to have sweets, I'm never going to have sugar, find healthier alternatives, you can call them cheats. When you find those healthy cheats, something like a frozen banana with dark chocolate nuts instead of an ice cream bar, or a healthy bowl of vanilla Greek yogurt with some whole wheat cereal, blueberries and maple syrup instead of the very [xx] blueberry pancakes.

You're actually going to be fulfilling your craving, getting the same taste that you want but in a much healthier way.