Why Do Women Have a Harder Time Than Men Losing Weight?

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Hi My name is doctor Mike Dow I'm a psychotherapist- specializing in disordered eating and addictive behaviors. Women always ask me why is it so hard for me to diet? There is actually an important difference between women and men when it comes to dieting. Carbohydoctorte release serotonin in the brain fats and protein release dopamine there are some studies that suggest that women may need serotonin more than men which is why females may crave things like ice cream, bread paster more so the men.

It's also wise study show, that when going on a no carbohydoctorte diet men are not as prone to the mood swing's as per the women. One of the ways that women can make up for this, is you be sure to add serotonin boosting activities to your life like talking a walk, taking a bath but also find healthy way's to get serotonin.

This are sustainable carbohydoctorte that have a high satiety value, meaning they keep you fuller longer. Whole fruits are fantastic. Why? Because they give you a sustainable release of serotonin, but with the fiber that they have in the skins they also give you a sense of being full, and that fullness will last for hours longer than a white carbohydoctorte.

Also those whole grains like quinoa or brown rice are fantastic so that women in particular and men can be successful in achieving the healthy, the body and the state of mind that they want.