What Should I Know Before Using Adderall?

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Here are a couple of things you need to know before you start taking Adderall, number one, this may not work in the long term, the most effective strategies for managing and treating ADHD are, medication plus behavioral strategies like Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy in addition to other therapies like like neuro feedback and mind for meditation which have also been shown to be effective in treating ADD/ADHD.

So if you are going to use medication and use it as a route how do you use it with other strategies, because number one they're more effective and number two they will help you in addition to the effects you'll be getting from the drug. The second thing that you should know about taking Adderall is that you need to watch what you're eating, you need to watch what you are combining with this drug because Adderall's flooding your brain with dopamine and [xx] things that also really staple me such as alcohol and caffeine should be severely eliminated if not avoided.

Third you may experience insomnia, this is one of the most common things reported to me in patients taking Adderall. So, if you are experiencing insomnia at night and if this is making you irritable or you are having fits of anger or rage, please talk to your healthcare professional about dosing of this very potent medication.