What Are the Different Types of ADHD Treatment for Children?

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As a parent who has a child with ADD or ADHD you may be wondering are there other effective treatment options available and the answer is Yes. First, you're right to be concerned, because there are rising rates of kids, abusing these drugs, either on, or off label. There are more kids than ever, selling these drugs to their friends, taking recreationally, and especially in children and teens, these have long-lasting and very detrimental effects.

The first effective treatment alternative is cognitive behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy helps kids and sometimes parent and kids together to set up strategy that are going to help to manage symptoms. The second affective strategy that has been shown to treat the this disorder is what we call neuro feedback or EEG Biofeedback this is a non invasive procedure where electrodes are actually placed in your brain and with neuro feedback therapist you're actually training your brain waves to be more focused and calm.

This has been trying be very effective in treating this disorder with no side effects and no potential for addiction. The third effective treatment alternative is make sure you talk to your doctor or your nutritionist about getting proper nutrition because things like omega 3 oil which are so good for the brain have been shown to be really good for kids and if your kid or you are not getting that omega 3s that your brain needs to really thrive.

That can sometimes manifest itself in ADD, ADHD symptoms, the forth and the final treatment option that's very effective is mindful meditation, in studies with teens that you see LA this this has been shown to be almost as effective as adderall in treating this disorder. So look for a mindful meditation practitioner on websites such as Jon Kabat-Zinn's Website at the University of Massachusetts, you can find a practitioner to teach your child, this releases dopamine in the brain and again is enough effective and non-addictive treatment alternative.