What Are the Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

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Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most important that you can give your brain. They say that it was the high Omega-3 diet of people that lived around the coast, that is what helped pre-humans to evolve into who we really re today as these very intelligent human beings with the brain the brain that we do have.

Now the problem is the modern American diet has shifted away from high Omega-3 diet to a high Omega-6 diet so, looking at what Omega-3 does for you, the two main kinds of Omega-3 that your body and brain uses EPA and DHA. EPA EPA will make you feel happy and peaceful. We know that consuming EPA can help with anger, it can result in a 20% reduction in anxiety really does wonders to your mood, right? The other kind of Omega-3, DHA is very good for intelligence, we know that kids who DHA actually score higher on Intelligence Test, it actually helps with our working memory for adults so if you're having some problems with scatterbrain, and you're not remembering things as much, you probably not getting as much DHA.

Now, there is a third kind of Omega-3 that is found in a lot of things like Kombucha and some sources that are non-fish sources like some of these pastas that are enriched with things like flack seed, right? Well the only problem with ALAs is that they're not what is actually used in the body and the- b-rain.

ALAs have to convert into EPA and DHA before they are used, what's very interesting is that we believe that the level of estrogen affects how well you convert that ALA into DHA and EPA, and the higher level of estrogen, estrogen the better that conversion is. That means that women are always going to convert that better than men, but it also means that women, as estrogen level starts to decline as women get older the less of that Omega-3 that you need to actually feel better, that you are actually sure we getting from that same source, so when people drink some Kombucha and there is 2500 milli gram of Omega-3 and you think, I'm done for the day, I'm done for the week, I don't need to have any wild week well guess again because that 2500 milligram of ALA you may not be getting any or very little of the EPN DHA that you need, which is why we really to go to, those wild caught fish sources or for vegetarians going to Algie proteins supplements.

It'll do wonders to your mood, it'll do wonders to you brains it may help you look better in your esteem and glow and you're going to feel better if you really invest in those omega-3 is in all the health benefits.