What Are Some Tips for Someone Struggling with Food Addiction?

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If you have food addiction you're going to notice that your eating or your eating habits are affecting your life and you can't do anything about it. Which means that you're powerless over your drug of choice and your drug of choice is food. If you notice yourself needing an eye opener, meaning you need that food within an hour of waking you may be addicted to food, if you use that to medicate feelings of loneliness or sadness instead of eating to physically nourish your body, you may be addicted to food.

If you feel guilty after eating, or if you've ever felt angry or annoyed when other people have made comments about your eating, you may be a food addict. What are some things that you can do? Here are four simple steps. The first thing you can do is come clean. You're sick is your secret, so tell somebody about your food addiction.

This can be a health professional, a spouse or significant other, somebody in your family. It can also be a free sponsor at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, but by coming clean you're going to feel so much better. You're also going to realize that you're alone. The second step is to be accountable.

You need somebody to be accountable to, this can be a mental health professional, it can be a workout or weight loss buddy, it can be somebody at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting or weight loss meeting. Writing down everything you eat and sharing that with somebody is going to help you to stay accountable for your everyday choices and if you're battling with food addiction you're going to need it.

The third thing is get support. Human beings no matter what we're battling need support in our lives. Human beings are motional creatures so connect to the people who you love in your life. If you don't feel safe talking about this food addiction with a friend or a significant other or family member, go to Overeaters Anonymous and get a sponsor or talk to the people so that you can feel supported.

You're going to need that support for this long term journey. And finally I've said it once, I've said it again Overeaters Anonymous is a free 12-step program for anyone, anywhere battling food addiction and it is very effective in helping you to overcome this in your life.