What Are Some Tips for Someone Struggling with Food Addiction?

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Well, the most important thing with food addiction is learning how to manage cravings, and we have really five steps to do that. We call them our five Ds. Our first one is distract. So when you're having the food craving try to distract yourself with something else. A conversation with someone, doing a crossword puzzle, getting engaged in a television show.

The second is delay. Promise yourself that you are not going to get into that craving for at least 10 minutes. If at the end of the 10 minutes you need to give in, then that's fine but make sure you put that delay in there. Distance is the third D word, putting distance between yourself and the thing that you're craving to eat.

That means taking a walk, going outside, going for a drive, just getting away from the food. Fourth is determine. Determine what you are really seeking. Lots of times people aren't really hungry. They are looking for companionship, they are looking for comfort, they are looking for some sort of stimulation.

Determine what you really need. And the fifth D is decide. Make a decision about whether you want to eat and if you are willing to take the consequences of eating. If you're not then you'll make a different decision.